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Patients can't afford to sit back and wait for a cure for multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer. For the first time, we are taking organized action to accelerate a cure for ourselves. With a team of world-class myeloma experts, we set out to find and fund new and exciting solutions for high-risk patients who don't respond well to today's treatments.  We found two inspiring research projects using the immune system to fight myeloma. The projects are game-changing new options that are very close to entering the clinic. Best of all, they are new solutions for high-risk as well as normal-risk patients. Now, they need our support to become new and effective treatments for us all. 

The Two MCRI Projects

CAR T Cell Immunotherapy

Hermann Einsele, MD and Michael Hudecek, MD, University of Wurzburg, Germany 

Dr. Einsele and Dr. Hudecekd are engineering white blood cells (or T-cells) with a specific receptor to attack two specific proteins (CS1 and BCMA) found on myeloma cells, but not on normal cells. This is a non-transplant treatment and according to Dr. Michael Sadelain of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, it is a completely new approach. “CAR therapy is at the same time cell therapy, gene therapy, and immunotherapy,” says Sadelain. “It represents a radical departure from all forms of medicine in existence until now.”

A blood sample is taken from the patient, the immune-fighting cells are engineered with the receptors and when they are given back to the patient 14 days later, the trained cells seek and destroy the myeloma cells with targets on their surface. This research will bring exciting results shown in leukemia to multiple myeloma.

Enhanced T-Cell Immunotherapy with Autologous Transplant

Dr. Ivan Borrello, MD, PhD - Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Borrello is using a completely new approach to use the most disease-specific white blood cells from a patient's bone marrow sample. He then expands them 100x in the presence of that patient's disese, training the cells to know what to attack. A few days after autologous transplant, he gives them back to the patient and their "training" helps them go after hundreds of patient-specific tumor cells. With the body's natural immune system regrowth after transplant, this gives the treatment a double boost. This work is already in early clinical trials. 

You can learn more about these two projects here: MCRI Selets Two Immunotherapy Projects to Fund

Thank you for your support to extend life for this rare and terminal blood cancer!

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